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I’m a super busy Clothing Mogul and I don’t have time for games. One of my “employees”, Isabella just won’t get the hint and leave me alone. It’s so frustrating, I mean you bang someone a couple times and the next thing their demanding to be the next “Model” ! She was annoying the hell out of me until she started sending me nude pics. I figured it was time for her “Performance Review” and called her in. I wanted to reprimand her but all I could think about was smashing that spicy Latin Taco of hers. Might as well get another free ad and blow off some stress, it’s really a win win for everyone involved. I fucked Isabella all over my office and gave her just what she deserved, a hot load on that imported face. That’s my idea of Immigration Reform. As I’ve always said, Legalize Porn.

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Nobody can tell Harry Richardson shit! Nobody! Not his agents, attorneys or HPZ. Harry loves 2 things in this world, his cock and his camera, they go hand in hand. He’s the worlds most sought after fashion photographer and America’s Biggest Pervert. Are Mr Richardson’s shooting techniques a little, uuuumm different? Of course!! He’s an artist. Does he fuck his models? DUH but they don’t seem to mind. Dillion had a little photo shoot with Mr Richardson and lets just say she’s on her way to fulfilling her dream of being a “Famous Model”. With her tan lined tittes, ball draining blow job and pervfect little pussy. Watch this professional pervert as he puts that ass to the test and shows this small town girl Harrys Big city cock!

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This Summer was our biggest Advertising push yet, we really spared no expense. I got my Pervy pal, World Famous Fashion Photographer Harry Richardson to shoot the new lingerie ads and boy did he deliver! Our Innocent looking “Model” Lara had no idea what was in store for that Fresh Face of hers. It went from her trying on an outfit to a full blown Gang Bang faster than my attorney can send me an invoice. My Creative Director, April was running around with Harrys camera shooting and sucking every cock she could find. Jayden looked insanely hot squirting on my dick while Harry banged the crap out of little Lara! It was Pure Model Mayhem. What a crazy fucking shoot! Just POV & Harry Richardson taking over the Fashion world one Perverted shoot at a time.